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Getting Started

1. What is LAS3D?

LAS3D is an online 3D point cloud viewing environment built for professionals to share 3D point clouds via a web link for inspection, analysis, and measurement with colleagues, clients, and partners.

2. How do I get a LAS3D site setup for my organization?

Our process of setting up a LAS3D site for you is simple:

  • Choose a plan (Standard or Advanced) that best suits your needs
  • Upload the initial set of 3D models to our cloud (we create a private Google Drive folder for you after your account has been setup)
  • Provide information & descriptions of each of your 3D models. Once we have your 3D models, and descriptions for each model, along with your high resolution logo, website, and other contact information, our team will create your LAS3D site (yourname.LAS3D.com).
  • 3. What are the supported file types for LAS3D?

    Our LAS3D environments are designed to support many common 3D file formats including: .LAS, .PLY, .STL, .OBJ, and .FBX. We can also convert other 3D file formats for a fee of $25 per model.

    4. How long will it take for my LAS3D site to be setup and available for use?

    Once we have the payment for your plan of choice (Standard or Advanced), and all the required documents, files, information and descriptions, we will setup your LAS3D site in 2 business days for Advanced, and 7 business days for Standard.

    5. Are LAS3D pages private?

    Our plan pricing is based on having your LAS3D site publicly available. While LAS3D is SSL secured, the pages are not private. We can customize your LAS3D site to be private, and only accessible with a username, password for a $100 one-time charge. This option also includes 3 password changes at no charge.

    6. Is my data safe?

    Yes. Your data safety and security is very important to us. Your LAS3D site is secured with SSL technology.

    Your data will NOT be:

  • Stored for more than a specified amount of time
  • Distributed to any party other than the ones agreed upon (exempting legitimate requests from law enforcement authorities)
  • Interacting with LAS3D & Sharing Environments

    1. What can you do on a LAS3D site?

    A LAS3D site is a powerful tool for visualizing 3D models in an online environment to carry out a range of measurements including angles, distances, heights, and areas. LAS3D was created to make 3D models more accessible for organizations to share with their staff, partners, and customers. LAS3D also allows users to export 2D .csv and 3D .las files of any section or all of any 3D model.

    2. How accurate are the measurements made in the LAS3D environment?

    The measurements are as accurate as the 3D models that are provided. Using the Scale feature of LAS3D, all 3D models can be scaled to be more accurate if there are laser measurements of control points available within the 3D model.

    3. What are the system requirements to view the 3D models?

    As LAS3D technology resides on our servers, the users accessing your LAS3D site do not need any special software, or system requirements to view, inspect, analyze, and conduct measurements of your 3D models.

    4. How secure is my LAS3D site?

    All of our LAS3D client sites are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and establish an encrypted link between our web server and the browser of the user. This link secures all the data passed between our web server and the user’s browser.

    5. How do we upload files for a LAS3D environment?

    Once your account is setup with us, we provide you with a link to a private Google Drive folder where you upload your 3D models.

    6. What if we do not have 3D models to upload? Can we receive assistance with creating 3D models?

    No problem. We are experts at creating 3D models and are happy to help you with creating 3D models from your current data or help you with acquiring the required data to create 3D models. Our company wrote curriculum for Intel Corporation in 2017 for 3D modeling, so you are in good hands when it comes to learning the best techniques for creating accurate, and detailed 3D models.


    1. Which plan is right for me?

    We currently offer two types of annual plans LAS3D, Standard and Advanced. The Standard package is intended for individuals and small organizations. The Advanced package is intended for medium to large organizations. You may choose either plan and add more 3D models as needed. The Advance package is more economical if you plan to host 23 or more models.

    2. Can I cancel and get a refund?

    Given the time and costs required to set up a LAS3D site, there are no refunds granted for cancellation of LAS3D subscriptions.

    3. Is there a trial period (e.g. can we pay in 30 days)?

    No. You may visit GRADD.LAS3D.com to see and experience a LAS3D site.

    4. What happens to my LAS3D site at the end of my subscription if I do not renew my plan?

    At the end of your LAS3D subscription period, unless a plan renewal is specified and paid for, your site will be deactivated for 60 days, and can be reactivated for a $100 reactivation fee. After the 60 activation grace period has elapsed, all of your data will be deleted and removed from our systems. Once we have removed your data, and deleted your account, you would need to setup a new account, and go through the new client setup process should you choose to have another LAS3D site.